Popular Types of Cakes

Cakes are the most popular creativity made by the cake makers throughout the world. Perhaps, these desserts are well-liked by everyone as it contains the mixture of bread for the preparation. you can find varieties of cakes that are great to celebrate in different types of occasions. It is traditional to use cakes to celebrate birthday parties, Christmas or other similar events as cakes are the most pleasurable and delicious desserts to eat on a special event or party. 

There are many types of cakes and we will be discussing the popular types of cakes in this article. Among the new types of cakes, you can see a growing trend for cakepops and cupcakes. You can check Sarah’s Cupcake decorating ideas for many innovative designs for cupcakes.

If you wish to surprise someone or want to make your friends or family members feel special and happy, then treating them with a cake will be a perfect choice. Nowadays, recipes for cakes are available on internet, so that you can easily bake various types of cakes at your home. It is the ideal dessert after dinner party of any occasion and kids love to eat. In the parties like birthday, Christmas Eve or other similar occasions, people like to treat themselves with variety of delicious and flavored cakes. Christmas cupcakes are popular as gifts too. Cakes are the perfect dessert loved by people of all age groups. For the people who are dieting cannot eat the cakes as it may affect their diet plan. But still there are some, who cheat their diet and eat a slice of cake to get some delight of it.

Each and every person has a choice of selecting various types of cakes to celebrate their occasions or parties. There are various range of cakes available in stores that may include Chocolate fudge cake, Pineapple cake, Foam cake, Raisins and Pineapple cake, Honey cake, Chocolate rum cake, Chocolate orange cake, Marble cake, Spicy ginger cake, Rich fruit cake, Butter cake and many more. All these lovely cakes are made up of different flavors such as rum, oranges, moist chocolate, fruits, pineapple, seedless raisins, margarine, butter cream, cheese, rinds, honey, cocoa, rich spices, normal and dark brown sugar, almonds as well as eggs. All these yummy cakes are available in gorgeous colors and flavors and also in exciting sizes.


When you think of a dessert or a bakery food, then the first thing that comes to your mind is cakes. There are various types of cakes in which people who even don’t like it will try it once. Below mentioned are some popular types of cakes that help you to choose.

Carrot Cakes:


This is the most popular cake among all and is made up of carrot. Many people get confused that how a cake can have a vegetable in it and still are amazing! Actually, these cakes taste awesome and delicious and not at all unhealthy compared to other cakes with fats.

Apple Crumble:


Apple is good for health and it makes a doctor keeps away a day. This delicious and sweet cake is healthier and it is yummy to eat. This apple crumble are delicious and tasty dessert meant for any occasion. This dessert is easy to prepare and can be served in several events.


Chocolate Cakes:


Chocolate is considered as one of the favorite and first options for all. It is the blend of chocolate and variety of sweeteners, vanilla crème, fudge and many more. Because of its creamy chocolate texture, Cake lovers are tempted to have this dessert. 


Sponge Cakes:


This is a type of a cake with a spongy texture and is very light. It is one of the perfect desserts that don’t make you feel heavy or stuffed. It is very soft and sweet and is a perfect combination with custard. Many times it can form as the base for other types of cakes as well. 

Normally cakes are differentiated based on the quantity of fat in it. Sponge cake, chiffon cakes and angel food do not have fat and are called foam cakes. These types of cakes are fat free that include whole eggs or yolks, egg whites, vegetable oil along with sugar and does not have butter in it. People sometimes like to have Meringue cakes as it contains ice cream as well as fruits. Genoese Cake gives you the taste of fruit, chocolate, egg yolk with whipped cream. You can choose any of the cakes and enjoy it.  


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